Discussion 02: Healthcare Dilemma

HA3300D – Healthcare Policy and Ethics

Discussion 02: Healthcare Dilemma

Revisit the ethical dilemma you identified in Learning Activity 2. In 3 – 4 complete sentences, discuss the event or situation, what the outcome was, and how it was addressed (or if it was addressed).

Next, consider: What ethical theories and theorists were most “at play” in this situation? That is, in this situation, which theories would help someone the most with making an ethical decision? Which theories seem to have influenced the decisions the major actors made?

Finally, reflect: After this week’s reading and activities, has your thinking about how you would handle this situation changed? If so, how and why? If not, why not?

Your initial post should be 8 – 10 sentences in length and include an APA-style references list.

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