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I need to write a primary posting is a direct response to the initial question posted. The answer should be at least 300 words, posted on time and answer the question using the textbook (and additional appropriate’ sources, if needed) with critical thinking skills and analysis of the concepts.

you have to chose one Scenario 1 or 2

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Please respond to one of the following scenarios for your primary posting. Indicate which scenario you chose at the beginning of your post.

Scenario 1:

As behavior analysts we have to assure that we are implementing only evidence-based interventions when working with our clients. If you are working on a multi-disciplinary team, what can you do if another professional is recommending an intervention and you are not sure of the evidence supporting the use of that intervention?

Scenario 2:

A child in one of the schools where you work as a BCBA has multiple behavioral issues. You believe the child needs a consultation from a medical professional to determine if medication is warranted to help manage the behavior. You talk to the principal and tell her that you are recommending a medical evaluation. The principal is frustrated with the student’s frequent behavior outbursts and asks that you document that the school is not the best placement for the student and that she be moved to a special program to address her behavior. How would you respond to the principal? What are the potential risks to you in this situation? What are the potential risks to the student?

I will send you the chapter from the book so you can quote an citation from the book


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