Download And Watch A Movie And Answer Questions

Analysis of Change Management (based on 1986 movie “Gung Ho” starring Michael Keaton).

Gung Ho is a comedy about a Japanese car company that buys an American plant. However, it is really about change – diagnosing change, creating a new culture, and leading change – and all the related issues and challenges.

answer questions

1. Who was leading the change? What was the leadership actually trying to change? What was the nature of the change? 2. Was there a guiding coalition? Was the change communicated well to employees?3. What kind of culture (reference Cameron and Quinn) was the leadership trying to create? What were the key values the leadership was trying to drive?4. Using the Burke-Litwin model, were the factors aligned in support of the desired culture?5. Which of Kotter’s steps were followed successfully and why?

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