DUE TODAY: To Create An Ad For A Product Sold In Drugstores That Cures Or Alleviates A Condition That Most People Find Uncomfortable Talking About, Such As Hemorrhoids, Diarrhea, Abdominal Gas, Or Any Other Touchy Subject.

Task: Create an 8 ½ x 11-inch print ad for a product sold in drugstores that cures or alleviates a condition most people find uncomfortable talking about incorporating a visual metaphor to communicate indirectly and symbolically.

Solution is a print ad for a product sold in drugstores ONLY. No solutions for other types of products or services are allowed.
Solution consists of a VISUAL (not verbal) metaphor.
Metaphorical solution is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the condition or product being expressed, yet shares one or more CHARACTERISTICS IN COMMON. Must be a non-human image to symbolize the condition or product. Avoids the happy face and sad face icons, as well as the no symbol.
Avoids a direct and/or vulgar message. Avoids showing toilets or someone sitting on a toilet. Avoids showing the human body or any of its parts.
Avoids a before-and-after composition; instead, composition consists of a single, strong image.
Contains a small product shot and short tagline. Resembles a professional print ad in a magazine.
Assignment is submitted as a .JPG or .PDF

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