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This project is facilitated by E-comm Tradelinks Pty Ltd, for more information please contact us on 0433215971 or ecommtradelinks@gmail.com
Project Description: AI based BOT’s for small scale Agriculture firms
Project Title: AGRI BoT by AI
Industry: Information Technology
Email: Ecommtradelinks@gmail.com
Phone: 0433215971
Project Definition:
1. Project Background:
2. Project Goals: The project aims to propose a prototype AI BOT for small and medium scale agriculture firms.
3. Project Requirements:
• The new system can use AI based information sending to information to AGRI servers and analysing the current patterns and storing the data in databases
• The system must use IOT devices to extract the data and import/export the data to AGRI servers.
• The system must analyse the data using descriptive and propose prescriptive models

4. Project Resources: Extensive research and online tools or SAP Lumira, Predictive analytics
5. Add any other information You wish on the Project: At the beginning of the project, the client will explain the Requirements and the Scope,
discuss the general expectations of the project, answer any relevant questions.
6. Project Dimension: Four students wish to do extensive research.

For sprint 1 you need to do design part only so please do it
And for sprint 2 you need to do Data extraction of rice crop and weather data variation from nsw
Sprint 1 i need tonight
N 2 sprint tomorrow
And please note you have to do all sprint task as per the user stories allocated in each sprint
This is in the document which I have send u in the email
Sprint 1 task:
​ •​ Literature review,​
​ •​ selecting a crop, (rice crop)
​ •​ finding dataset in various sources from NSW
​ •​ appropriate BOT selection (Drones that covers up to 2 km or 2 acres radius)
​ •​ Selection of dataanalysis tool (SAP Lumira)
​ •​ (Use case diagram),
​ •​ Fish bone diagram,​
​ •​ (why-Why diagram),​
​ •​ designing the proposed model.,
​ •​ Product base design –
​ •​ BPMN diagram of each 12 user stories of sprint 1​
​ •​ (Network architecture design 1. IoT, sensors to drones and data collection.)
Sprint 2 Task:
​ •​ Artitecture framework
​ •​ Continue from sprint 1
​ ​ ​ ​ (Data analysis system in drone using​ ​ ​ ​ ​ IoT devices)
Sprint 3:
​ •​ Data display to dashboard and prescriptive model
​ •​ overall artitecture

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