emergency health services

answering each completely, using citations and references as appropriate. Then, complete the mandatory question at the end.

Each question should be a cohesive, thought out “essay” not just bulleted or shortened answers.

1 discuss how each of the following are major factors that affect EMS services: personnel, call volume, time on call,level of service, quality of service and response time. THEN, explain cost vs outcome.

2 describe the historical development of, and programs administered by, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

3 Define AND discuss the following terms as they apply to EMS:

1. Gross costs

2. Net Costs

3. Profit Margin

4. Overhead

5. Capital Expenditures

6. For Profit vs Non Profit

7. Accounts Payable

8. Accounts Receivable

**the attached file is for question number one only**


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