Assume that you are a manager of a business or industry who needs to develop a training PowerPoint on the topic you selected for your Course Dilemma Project. The video should address the ethical and legal problem you identified in your paper and educate new and/or existing employees on what is wrong and why they should do “_____” instead of “_____” to eliminate the problem or solve it when they face it.

Prepare a presentation that clearly demonstrates “right” conduct concerning the issue and explains why this ethical-legal issue in the workplace matters. The training video should have entertainment value as well as educational value.

The presentation should contain the following content.

A title slide that features your topic selection, your name, and the course
A slide that defines the ethical term you chose include a citation on the slide for the definition you used
A slide that depicts the case you selected
A slide that lists the ethical dilemma and the three theories; cite sources on the slide
A slide that shows which laws or codes apply; cite sources on the slide
A slide that gives possible solutions and impacts on stakeholders
A slide that gives your solution and your rationale for choosing it
A slide that shows where, how, when, or why the situation can occur in the workplace of the future
A slide that gives advice or tips on how to handle the dilemma when it does occur
References slide
Sources must be cited on individual slides and documented on a References slide using APA style.
You are to act as a trainee or newly hired employee.

***Attached is the final paper for the project that the assignment and topic should be based off.


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