EU Current Event * 300 Words

Select a current event within the last six months about the European Union (EU) that deals with either a positive or negative aspect of this organization.

You will have a Current Event assignment this week. Your review of the Current Event should be submitted as a Word document attached to the Current Event assignment tool. Your total write-up and explanation should be at least 300 words. Each current event posting should include the following:

Provide the reference where you obtained the current event article, the author, and the published date, using APA style.
Give a brief review of the article as it was written by the author.
Give your creative ideas on how this current event ties into the material we are covering in class this module. See the syllabus for the assignment due date.
The following are requirements for the article:

Must be a scholarly article and come from reliable sources.
Must be related to the EU.
Must have a published date within the last six months.

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