Explain How The Us Moved Isolationism To Interventionism Involvement In World War 1

Select one of the following conflicts:

– Spanish-American War

– World War I


Select one of the following conflicts:

– World War II

– Korea

– Vietnam

Analyze each conflict one at a time by answering the following questions for each war:

Explain how the U.S. moved from isolationism to interventionism/involvement. How did each conflict relate to expansion or contraction of freedom? How did the U.S. define freedom?

After you have discussed the two conflicts, reflect on the following in your conclusion:

Recent election debates have included the idea that the U.S. should be more isolationist in world affairs. In your conclusion, evaluate the role of the U.S. as a world power today:

Should we, can we, must we continue as a world policeman in the era of terror? Are we still willing to stand for our ideals as well as our economic and strategic interests?


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