Exploring Your Cultural Background Part 3 Only

1) Birthplace:
Yours : Saudi Arabia
Your mother: Saudi Arabia
Your Father: Saudi Arabia
Your mother’s mother : Saudi Arabia
Your father’s mother: Saudi Arabia
Your mother’s father : Saudi Arabia
Your father’s father: Saudi Arabia
2) Your siblings:
How many brothers do you have and sisters?
4 brothers and 2 sisters

3) Did you grow up in the city?or the country?_
In city call Jeddah in Saudi Arabia
4) Where did your parents grow up?

Your Father_________Jeddah_________________
5) How old were you when you came to Canada__20______

Your mother : Saudi Arabia
Your father : Saudi Arabia
6) Who lived with you, when you were growing up?
My brother and sisters

7) Do you maintain contact with:
parents : yes
your own children: I don’t have
brothers and sisters : yes
aunts: yes
uncles : yes
cousins : yes
8) Do most of your close relatives live near your home? No in different cities
9) How often do you visit relatives who are close to your home?
Every 4 to 8 months

Far from your home?

10) Was your original family name changed?
11) Other than English, which language(s) do you speak?

Which is your first language (mother tongue)? Arabic

Which language do you prefer to speak?


How often do you get to speak this language? Very often if I didn’t have to speak English

How often do you read this language? All the time

12) What is your religious preference: Islam your spouse : I don’t have one
13) Would you describe your family as being active in your religious community?

Do you practice your religion in your home? _yes How? By praying

14) How would you describe your diet in terms of cultural preference?

Middle eastern food mostly

How often do you enjoy your own cultural foods? 6 to 5 times a week

Which foods are served on ‘special’ occasions?
Rice with lamb

What is the ethnic origin of the above foods?
Arabic cousins

15) Which cultural activities do you participate in and how? I don’t I been just working all the time in my restaurant, so I haven’t had time to do any activities in the past 3 years

Holiday/spiritual : none I came from my country to Toronto
activities: coooking is everything to me .
I been working and studying a lot to help my family.

Festivals/ been to many food festivals gatherings None
Been to a lot food festival in dt Toronto because I love to try new food.

16) Do your friends share the same religious background as you?
My best friends yes but I have many friends who have different realigns

Do your friends share the same cultural background as you?
I have friends from many different cultures

Part 2
Generational Perspectives on Culture, Health and Healing

While working through this assignment, expect to have interesting and enlightening conversations with your family. Some of the answers may even surprise you. You will certainly develop a greater understanding of your own cultural background and its connection between you and health.
You will engage in 2 interviews with family members or family friends, using the questions below, as a guide. (Suggestion: Interviewing your grandparents or older family member or friends will give you an interesting generational perspective)

Interview Guidelines
Using your professional interview skills, please collect the following data:
1) Cultural background

Country of origin

Language(s) spoken


Number of generations in Canada


2) What does the term ‘health’ mean to her?

Health is the main thing in human life which without a person can not achieve his/her daily duties
3) Does she herself meet her definition? Why or why not?

Yes she meets her definition because she is not into any unhealthy food and always does her daily exercise

4) How does she maintain health? If she can remember, what did her mother do?

Her health is maintained by doing at least a 30 min exercise and feed her body with health food that helps her a lot in her daily life routine.

5) What “home remedies” and/or other treatments does she use prevent and treat illness? If she is able to
remember, what did her mother do?

Mostly pure honey or ginger with warm water
6) What are her spiritual beliefs about illness? When illness occurs, what spiritual (religious)
practices/rituals are used?

Her spiritual beliefs in illness is that it is a reminder the human kind is not powerful all the time and remember that while being healthy is a blessing and must thank God for give us this blessing while others miss it

7) How does she define ‘healing’? What spiritual (religious) practices/rituals are used?

Healing is blessing from God spiritual practice to pray to over come the illness in her

8) What are her religious/spiritual beliefs about birth? What spiritual (religious) practices/rituals are used
in relation to birth?

A new born in life is a blessing to the family and gives the family joy in their life

9) What are her religious/spiritual beliefs about death? What spiritual (religious) practices/rituals are used
in relation to death?

Death is a sign that mean that’s every life born has an end and that we have to do good to human kind before we die

10) What are her religious/spiritual beliefs about the “afterlife”? What spiritual (religious) practices/rituals
are used in relation to the “afterlife”?
As per the belief in the religion after life is determined upon how a person was in his life and how he treated people where by there is a judgement on your deeds the good ones and bad to which they see heaven or hell


Using the information you have gathered in part 1 and 2 write a reflective journal, minimum of 4 pages, that indicates how your culture, spirituality and health influence each other? You must idenitfy who you interviewed and compare and contrast belief traditons . Analyze how your family and your family culture has influenced and impacted your beliefs related to health, healing, and illness.

Why or why not? What have you learned about yourself?
In-depth analysis of your feeling and thoughts are expected in this academic paper.

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