False News

This year was famous for false news stories—some of which led to poor decisions or outcomes. Find an example of false news and talk about how it manipulated or manufactured statistics to appear plausible.

For example, the research report linking Autism with vaccinations—the statistical data and methodology were changed in one study to show a connection that did not in fact exist. The doctor who wrote the study was dis-barred, the journal it was published in apologized and printed a retraction. No other study has shown such a link. However, an anti-vaccine mentality has formed in reaction to this bogus study and some others like it which have caused real harm to people and brought back deadly diseases that had all but been eradicated.

Respond to this with your own example and explain in detail. Be sure to identify the source of your example in your posting. At least 250 words which is minnimum of 1 page.

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