Fields Of Practice Assignment

Refer to the link at the bottom and click on the link, “Types of Social Work (Fields of Practice). Review the (16) types of social work and each respective area’s download. In addition, review the videos by clicking the “Social Work Practice Areas” (in the link as well) that closely relate to your selected areas and use the interview information to support your responses to the items below.
Select (2) fields of practice (types of social work) that best fit you.
Social Work Practice Areas –

Types of Social Work –
After selecting the area, please answer the following questions provided below.
1. Which (2) fields of practice did you select? Why did you select these areas? (Explain)

2. Do you feel ready to professionally engage with this client population or are you in need of volunteer opportunities to better prepare yourself? (Explain)

3. Values are customs, beliefs, standards of conduct, and principles considered desirable by a culture, a group of people, or an individual. Considering the above, what values do you feel are necessary to work with this client population?

4. Skills are proficiency in the use of one’s hands, knowledge, talents, personality, or resources. Considering the above, what primary skills and/or responsibilities do you feel are necessary to work with this client population? (For an example, critical thinking, listening skills, writing skills, etc.)

5. What do you feel would be the most difficult and satisfying aspects of working with this client population?

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