Final Research Paper

Cao Xueqin. The Story of the Stone.Vol. 1. Penguin Books ISBN: 0140442936Trans. by David Hawkes(also known as The Dream of the Red Chamberor Honglou meng).


•(30 points) Final Research PaperSubmit via Canvas by 11:59pm on the due day (see below).Content:For this exercise,you can choose to do research basedon your mid-term interview projector to pick a new cultural topic. Choose and focus on one aspect, developingan argument, drawing textual evidence from the primary text we read, and supporting your argument with proper secondary sourcesresearch. (***As for online sources, I only accept ones from the digital library of academic databasessuch as JSTOR, available via your ASU library account, or other academic journal websites. If you are not sure, please check with your instructor). Format:

4Your papermust be typed, 8–10 pages in length, double spaced, using font size 12 of Times New Roman with one-inch margins on all sides. Make sure you consult a style guide (e.g. Chicagoor MLA). Please be very cautious about using correct citation and proper reference listing. See academic integrity below. Grading: For this assignment, you will be graded on:(5 pts) Good organizationàintroduction: introduce your topic, thesis statement, and blueprint of your supporting ideas; body and conclusion. (5 pts) Correct styleà(e.g. Chicagoor MLA, etc.) There are free guides on line, for example: Strength of your thesis statement [aka, argument] and effectiveness in develop your argument through textual evidence from primary sources and supporting ideas from secondary sources. ***Wikipedia, Baidu, personal blogs and online posts are NOT considered as academic sources. (5 pts) Format [see above] and the quality of proseàyou should have good command of the English language.


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