Find A Resource Collaboration

What I want you to do: Find and share an educational resource that a health educator could use for teaching about HIV for a specific priority population. For example, you could share an educational brochure tailored for African bisexual men.

MedlinePlus, HRSA, Healthfinder, Health on the Net (HON), and the National Health Information Center are all authoritative sources.

Why I want you to do it: Health educators must have numerous resources in their toolbox for prevention education. This assignment will require you to consider diversity and practice cultural competence when choosing an educational resource.

How to do it: Search for and locate a resource a health educator could use for teaching about HIV for a specific priority population. The resource could be an infographic, a video, a brochure, or anything instructional that comes from a reliable source. You do not need to reply to a classmate for this assignment, but you should use these resources to study for your HIV and AIDS Midterm Exam.

Choose one population:

African American Gay and Bisexual Men
Hispanic / Latino Gay and Bisexual Men
Native Hawaiians
Sex Workers
Pregnant Women
People aged 50 and older
Once you have found a great resource for your specific priority population, answer the following questions in a discussion board post:

Title of Resource:

Population: example: sex workers

Type of Resource: example: Video
Source: example: Centers for Disease Control

Attach or Link your educational resource.

What is the central message of this resource?

Why is this a good resource for the priority population? In a few sentences, explain why you chose this specific resource for your population.

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