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With Alyssa and Shelina, provide disadvantages to your peers’ energy source choices and note if there are any social, political, or economic challenges to increasing the use of the energy source. Use novel facts and details from credible sources to support your opinions.

Alyssa post

“Solar energy is the sun’s radiation that reaches Earth. When sunlight hits the photovoltaic (PV) cells inside solar panels, these cells transform the sun’s radiation into electricity.” Solar energy comes from solar panels that can be attached to the roofs of houses, schools, and business and does not have to be limited to large fields like wind turbines. (Elemental Green, 2020) There are more than “2.5 million individual solar installations in the U.S., ranging from small home rooftop systems to large utility-scale systems that add hundreds of megawatts of clean electricity to the power grid.” (Seia, n.d.) There are even solar farms that redirect power to the surrounding cities. Solar panels are “less noisy, requires less maintenance, and require less space than wind turbines.” (Elemental Green, 2020) Solar energy produces less emissions, reducing electric bills, and can disperse electricity to areas that may not have access.

Shelina post

I think the best alternative to fossil fuels is going solar. I can personally vouch for that because I have solar in my home. Solar is highly proficient in providing the full energy consumption in any household. It typically depends on the amount of panels you choose to install. Solar is not only one step to conserving and reducing carbon footprint, it also saves so much on electricity bills. The only thing that discourages homeowners from getting solar is the upfront cost but government incentive such as tax credit is a huge way to incentivize homeowners in getting one.

Solar energy has many advantages such as is pollution free and does not emit any greenhouse gasses. Solar also helps us to reduce our dependents on fossil fuels which is finite in supply. Solar on the other hand is infinite. Even cloudy days can produce solar so is year around. Solar energy is primarily collected in one of two ways: photovoltaic solar cells and solar thermal. A photovoltaic cell is basically a semi-conductor connected to two electrical contacts.

With Laurie, Obed Alexandrea, post be constructive and professional in your responses.

Laurie post

the Federal Reserve has a variety of tools available to it for controlling the money supply. Each tool will change the money supply in a different time frame, some more immediate than others which have a lag. A tool that is rarely used by the Federal Reserve is the changing of the reserve ratio requirement. This is the percentage of dollars that banks must keep in reserve, in either their own vault or the vault of the Fed. If they lower the reserve requirement the banks are permitted to lend pout more money, because they need to keep less in reserve. If they raise the requirement it contracts the money supply because banks must keep more in reserve and cannot lend out as much money. Easing the reserve sounds simple. It is. However, the counter move of tightening is painful and has a hard effect on the economy. If the reserve is lowered the consequence is that it will ultimately need to be brought up again. During this period of bring it back up banks will be hampered in loan making and will be forced to call in some loans in order to meet the requirement. This can have a recessionary effect. Why will they need to raise it? Simple. We need to have enough in reserve to cover banks that get into financial trouble and might either fail or be in trouble of failing. If depositors require funds, they need to have access to them and if unable to readily gain that access they panic and have a tendency to remove more money from the system. The Fed uses this tool cautiously for the reasons stated. It is also a tool with a lag. It can often be six months before the full effect of this change is felt on the economy. At that time the economy may already have begun to reverse the trend and the result becomes an over correction.

Obed post

Explain what happens to the interest rate if the money

supply increases or decreases and the money demand remains unchanged.

When the Federal Reserve adjusts the supply of money in an economy, the nominal interest rate changes as a result. When the Fed increases the money supply, there is a surplus of money at the prevailing interest rate. To get players in the economy to be willing to hold the extra money, the interest rate must decrease.

Explain what happens to the interest rate if the money demand increases or decreases and the money supply remains unchanged.

A change in interest rates is one way to make that correspondence happen. A fall in interest rates increases the amount of money people wish to hold, while a rise in interest rates decreases that amount. A change in prices is another way to make the money supply equal the amount demanded.

Alexandrea post

Currently my company is doing business with is China. Some of China’s cultural dimensions are high collectivism in organizations; meaning they are focused on the groups goals versus their individual goals and are interdependent. They are a low future orientation; meaning they process events when they happen versus planning ahead in the future. They are also a low assertive culture; what is most important to them is showing respect over resolving issues. Another cultural dimension is China is considered a High humane Orientation; meaning they put a lot of importance in taking time to talk about the way they feel and volunteer to help others out.

Some characteristics you posses when you have cultural intelligence is being able to understand that cultures have similarity and differences amongst them. Another characteristic you possess when you have cultural intelligence is the ability to form goals, successfully work on group projects, resolving cultural differences, and the ability to arrange mutually beneficial outcomes for different cultures.

Cultural Intelligence can impact your success communicating with colleagues and professionals in other countries because if you don’t have cultural intelligence it can rub colleagues and professionals from other countries the wrong way because you approached it unlike their culture would. It also builds trust and you cannot successfully communicate without it.

Being able to understand and adapt to other cultures is important in the workplace. Below is a link to a great article that discusses cross culture communication and diversity. Read over it and let me know your thoughts.

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