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Crime prevention is enhanced when law enforcement agencies are willing to work together rather than operate as separate entities. While dealing with egos, attitudes, and turf protection has its challenges, successful law enforcement recognizes the need for collaboration. For example, such efforts have been manifested by the creation of federal Task Force Operations (TFO) that include representatives from local and state law enforcement agencies working side-by-side with federal agents in investigating and apprehending criminals. In recent years, cases of human trafficking, drug smuggling, and child exploitation have been investigated by various law enforcement task forces.

In this Assignment you will create a hypothetical task force in response to a terrorism threat and assign roles for each part of the task force to ensure its success.

To prepare

Review material from Learning Resources focusing on terrorism response.
Read through and select one of the terrorism scenarios provided in the Week 9 Resources area.
To complete

Write a 2- to 3-page paper:
Create a hypothetical task force in response to the threat you selected.
Include local, state, and federal agencies.
Assign each agency a role in either preventing the threat or responding to an attack. Be specific.
Describe the ways each part of your task force will operate to stop the threat.
Explain how each part of the task force is integral to its success.

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