Formula Poetry

Click on the link and find eight different formulas for poems. You will create a poem using each formula. Have some fun with this assignment!
Label each poem so that I know which formula you used.

1. A five senses poem describes an emotion or idea. Its emphasis is on the different ways in which the senses can be used to describe.

Line 1: Tell what color an emotion or idea is.
Line 2: Tell what the emotion tastes like.
Line 3: Tell what the emotion sounds like.
Line 4: Tell what the emotion smells like.
Line 5: Tell what the emotion looks like.
Line 6: Tell what the emotion makes you feel like.
Fall is red and yellow.

It tastes like chicken soup.

It sounds like wind through the trees.

And smells like warm wood smoke.

It looks like what you see when you get your new glasses.

It makes you feel energetic.

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