Given: Sales, $51,000; Variable Expenses, $18,000; Fixed Expenses, $18,000; Net Income

Question: Given: Sales, $51,000; Variable Expenses, $18,000; Fixed Expenses, $18,000; Net Income, $15,000. Assume No Change In Selling Price; Find Net Income If Activity Volume Increases By 20%. Given: Selling Price Per Unit, $48; Total Fixed Expenses; 106,000; Variable Expenses Per Unit; $36. Assume That Variable Expenses Are Reduced By 25% Per Unit, And The Total

1.      Given: Sales, $51,000; variable expenses, $18,000; fixed expenses, $18,000; net income, $15,000. Assume no change in selling price; find net income if activity volume increases by 20%.

2.      Given: Selling price per unit, $48; total fixed expenses; 106,000; variable expenses per unit; $36. Assume that variable expenses are reduced by 25% per unit, and the total fixed expenses are increased by 15%. Find the sales in units to achieve a profit of $23,000, assuming no change in selling price

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