Harper Lee and Emotion: Fiction is Not Fiction Without Sentiment

The assignment involves analyzing one of two books: Gideon’s Trumpet OR To Kill a Mockingbird

It is a critical book review and not a book summary. Accordingly, your paper must:

contain a thesis
present concrete supporting materials from your book and course materials
develop and rebut the most persuasive counter-arguments to your thesis
draw a conclusion that follows from your arguments
Here are several suggested theses (choose one or introduce your own):

Gideon’s Trumpet illustrates [or challenges or qualifies] Marc Galanter’s argument that the “haves” always come out ahead…

To Kill a Mocking Bird illustrates [or challenges or qualifies] the argument that law cannot produce social change in a racist community…

These are only suggestions. There are no “right” answers or arguments. You should persuade us of your argument, while teaching us about its potential weaknesses.

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