HIS 121 – Paper

Pick one and do a thorough paper, with proper grammar, citation and multiple resources – 2 pages long.

1. New institutions arose in the New World that set it up for Revolution. Explain and describe the impact of the following: the Mayflower Compact, the House Of Burgess, the Great Awakening and Salutary Neglect.

2. What role did the French and Indian War have in the change in the colonist views and interest? At what point (if any) did the American Revolution become inevitable? Why? What role did the French and Indian War have in this change?

3. The Jacksonian presidency can be described as the rise of “the common man” or the era of King Jackson. Which was it and why. Describe the Trail of Tears, the background of the Cherokees and Jackson and the outcome. Explain the Supreme Court decision and the trip the Native Americans

4. Explain the phrase “manifest destiny”. What factors were important in drawing Americans West, both mentally and physically? Discuss the movement to annex Texas in both 1820 and 1845.

5. Pick four of the following and use them as the outline to create an essay tracing the road to the Civil War.

6. Sectionalism, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Popular sovereignty, Harper’s Ferry, Compromise of 1850, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Lincoln-Douglass Debates, Bleeding Kansas, Dred Scott Decision, Fort Sumter

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