Directions: Answer all parts. Be sure to write complete sentences, double space, set one-inch margins, and use Times Roman 12-point font. For the questions on Part 2, aim for one-and-a half pages for each

Very important: Be sure to submit your own work. In particular, do not plagiarize, which is ridiculously easy for an experienced grader to spot. If you wish to use the textbook and/or lectures as sources, be sure to indicate where you found the information, either in parenthesis or in footnotes.

Grace and I will post the university’s policy on “academic honesty” later this week in Moodle. The key passage is “The minimum penalty [my bold] for a student guilty of either dishonest act [cheating or plagiarism] is a grade of “zero” for the assignment in question.” Also consult the section “Grading” in the syllabus.

Part 1: Political Philosophy. One medium-sized paragraph should suffice

Thomas Hobbes and John Locke were the 17th century’s preeminent political philosophers.

Briefly explain one important similarity and one important difference in their political philosophies.

Part 2: Marriage and Family Life. Provide a medium-sized paragraph for each part of the question (

Name and explain three important features of marriage and family life in pre-industrial Europe. What family pattern predominated in 1) Western and 2) Eastern Europe? Why? Explain three major differences between marriage and/or family life then and today.


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