History Of Asian American Women English Homework Help

analysis and reflection of the readings. For this writing assignment, you are required to submit a 2-3page analysis and reflection of the readings. In your analysis, you must provide citations from the reading which should include page numbers and a reference page.

Analysis: 1. Provide a summary of the reading – identifying the main ideas and restating them into your own words. State specific themes or issues that are addressed in the readings. However, you will select at least one theme or issue to thoroughly review and discuss for your weekly assignment. The more themes include, the better.

2. Introduce the themes or issues you would like to discuss and analyze. Why is this subject/topic important to discuss and analyze? What is the significant of these topic? What progress has made made about this issue? Where does the topic/issue currently stand? How does theme contribute to society, people’s beliefs, or the future? Who benefits from exploring and learning more from this theme?

3. Make your position statement clear: what is your evaluation and opinion? What is the real world meaning for this topic? How is this topic useful? How can we move forward or improve from this issue or topic? Do you agree or disagree? How did this issue affect the Asian American Women in the U.S.?


4. What were your first thought about learning about this subject? What have you learned? How does this fit your own beliefs or philosophies? What resonates and does not resonates with you?

5. What is your personal experience on this issue? How do you feel about this issue? Do you know anyone affected by this issue? Please elaborate and share if you feel comfortable.

6. In your opinion, what can we do to solve this issue? How can this social problem be prevented? What can we do to improve this issue?

7. State your conclusions, reminding the reader of the points you have made and your reasons for making them

TEXT books :-

1. Shirley Hune and Gail M. Nomura, Asian/Pacific Islander American Women (A Historical
Anthology), New York University Press, 2003
2. Lara Jo Foo, Asian American Women, 2nd edition, Lincoln, NE, IUniverse, Inc, 2007

Required readings :-


Foo PTII – Health and Well Being pg. 101-140
• Health Care Needs of Asian American Women
• Sexual and Reproductive Justice for Asian American Women
• Domestic Violence and Asian American Women
• Asian American Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Women – moving from
isolation to visibility – CH 10 Pg. 204
Hune PTVII – Challenging Community and The State: Contemporary Spaces of Struggles 319 – 364
• Asian Lesbians in San Francisco: Struggles to Create a Safe Space, 1970-1980s
• Relocating Struggle: Filipino Nurses Organize in The United States
• Opening Spaces: South Asian American Women Leaders in the Late Twentieth Century


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