How does the hospital develop strategies?

Consider this brief case study with the overall study of “Desire to Make Change”
Write three pages of inquiry in reference to the below brief case study.

Answer these questions in your work
1. Is the consultant correct. Explain
2. What can Kristen do to improve the situation she has created.

Kristen Photakis , CEO of a rural hospital, is talking with her friend Jaso
Weiss, a long-term healthcare consultant about ways to better enagae the senior and Departmental mangers.
Kristen : Its frustrating that they sit back and wait for me to create the adjenda, give them assignments, or study new trends.
Jason: How does the hospital develop strategies?
Kristen: We hold an annual board retreat. During that time, the board and I come up with 25 to 30 goals. When I return to the office, I meet with the vice presidents to tell them what was discussed. Then I draft sub goals for each of the major objectives identified at the board retreat. The VP’s and I hammer out the details until we come up with a specific strategies and work plans.
Jason: there are three things wrong with that process. First, everything is developed at the top of the organization with little or no input from the lower ranks. Second, you have gotten into a habit of creating everyone’s work plans rather than giving people the chance to develop their own. Third you and the board set to many goals. You have to consider current workload and priorities, previous commitments, unfinished strategies, et certera. No one can possible keep up with all the details.
Kristen; Sounds Like I have work to do.
Jason: Keep in mind that change is a group effort, not a solo practice. If you want your staff to get involved, you have to get out of the way and let them in.


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