How important are communication skills in project management?

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for discussion 5,here is the main question for your understanding:Read the case study “Teloxy Engineering (A)” on page 948 and answer the corresponding questions on the same page.attached textbook

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supriya-1.Using expected value, is it economically better to make or buy the component?

If Teloxy engineering buys that product buys the products

cost of production = $(100000+40*10000)

Now, considering defects parts cost

each defective part needs to be replaced with a cost of $120

Market value /parts = $72

Working examples: – To calculate, Total cost

Handling cost =650,000-600,000=50,000

Let’s say, a higher-grade component that sells for $72 with quantity discounts. Therefore, the cost of handling is 50,000

Hence, total cost =product cost +handling cost

= (10,000×72)+50,000 =770,000

Cost per unit = total cost/total no of product =770,000/10,000 =77 per unit.

If the company buys the product from outside it will cost around $77 per unit i.e. $77×10,000


If teloxy engineering makes the product

Again, total cost=setup cost+ Raw material cost +Repair cost

Setup cost=100,000+(10,000×40) + (21.5%×120×10,000)

=100,000 + 400,000 +258,000

=$758,000 therefore, the total cost to make the product is $758,00 i.e. $75.8 per unit. So, the better option is to make the product.

2.At the initial phase of the product lifecycle, there are numerous activities should be carried out in the most effective and efficient way. Apart from economical choice, there are certain types of risk associated like technical risk, marketing risk, production risk. Therefore, after detail analyzing Teloxy Engineering might go for opting for other than economical factor.

anjani – 1. Using expected value, is it economically better to make or buy the component?

Taking the situation specific to the statement, Number of components to be manufactured are 10,000.

If Teloxy produces the units, then the cost would be:

Set up cost = $100,000

Crude material cost = $40/unit

Adding to crude material cost = 40* 10000 = $400,000

As the organization has never manufactured this item, the accompanying defects may happen as indicated by the assembling team:

Percent defective: 0% 10% 20% 30% 40%

Probability of Occurrence: 10% 20% 30% 25% 15%

Number of defective units prepared (0*0.1) + (1000*0.2) + (2000*0.3) + (3000*0.25) + (4000*0.15) = 2150 units

Repair cost of each blemished unit = $120

Adding up to repair cost for 2150 imperfect units = 120*2150 = $258,000

The aggregate cost for assembling 10, 000 sections = 100,000 + 400,000 + 258,000 = $758,000

The cost of buying everything is $72

Total cost of acquiring 10,000 things = 72* 10000 = $720,000

Money that would be spared if the organization buys the segments = 758,000 – 720,000 = $38,000.

Based on the estimations, purchasing the segments would be efficient than manufacturing them.

2. Strategically thinking, why might management opt for other than the most economical choice?

I think that management should not go for the plan that is assembling the required units. There are still unaccounted costs, for example, immediate and circuitous work costs and as well as the overhead expenses that may come in way of manufacturing units. In addition, since the workers are not experienced in making this unit, they may encounter issues that will result on extra expenses and time. Acquiring the units have certain result without any conceivable outcomes of having broken down units. Strategically, the management ought to go for this agreement and purchase the component because they are new to this item and need to make their status in the business market.

Strategically, Management ought to go for this agreement and purchase the component because they are new to this item and need to make their imprint in the business.


Kerzner, H., & Kerzner, H. R. (2017). Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. John Wiley & Sons

anjani – Q1. How important are communication skills in project management?

Relational abilities are critical wherever and that redirection a basic business in one’s life. Venture supervisors contribute a lot of vitality talking with individuals and social affairs. Frankly, it’s been evaluated that endeavor administrators put 90% of their vitality in correspondence related activities. The errand boss oversees all the correspondence including how as every now and again as possible a social event would meet and talk about and it in addition relies on the undertaking needs. An undertaking head with astonishing social purposes of restriction winds up upgrading the negligibility of everyone he cooperates with. This monstrously overhauls the probability of his errand meeting or defeating accomplice needs. Exactly when the showings are wrongfully spared, after which the results won’t be proper and this one results inside the destruction ups of one’s assignments. Again, the whole thing must be right powered before stunning forward.

Q2. Was Herb the right person to be assigned as the project manager?

Herb is a perfect match to be a task supervisor as he had connected training, appreciate the two in R& D and Manufacturing and additionally, had a PhD and he’s progressively a SME (Subject Matter Expertise) in the two the fields. There are number of elements that should be considered before grabbing the correct individual. In this undertaking, half of the prerequisite was R&D and another half was producing. Considering the necessities of the venture Herb was the superbly coordinate proficient as he had related knowledge both in R& D and producing and furthermore, had a PhD. Herb did not have any inclusion in administering spending designs, using the advantages open, or driving a gathering from the front or talking about feasibly with the accomplices. However, if we would have a sensible picture of undertaking association experience of all the fourteen people, we could have achieved our confirmation in a startling way.

Q3. There were communications issues with Alice, Bob, Betty and Frank. For each communication issue, where was the breakdown in communications: encoding, decoding, feedback and so on?

In the exchange with Alice the breakdown in the correspondence started when Alice encoded the message. She didn’t approach Herb for the recommendation letter along these lines he didn’t make it. Influence: in the talk Bob communicates the outlining specialists neglected the exchange Herb had with them and the tests were not running as Herb composed. Alice hasn’t ever talked who what he was anticipating totally for dope, whatever prompts vine in not making the guidance sign for her notice. Brett did not consider what was that one the full exchange inside the purposes of choosing pleasant for getting most of the crude materials. Essentially as with Bob, Herb always used a verbal correspondence strategy, and he was paying special mind to any created endorsement to start work. Frustration of recording decision similarly shows Herb’s guilelessness. While coming to Betty and Frank Communication Gap was the crucial issue. As ought to be evident that there was no certified research done on the meander by herb as he had done enormous speculations on contraptions without pondering the bearing or despite asking him, this can cost a colossal hit to the affiliation monetarily.

saikrishna – 1. How important are communication skills in project management?

A Project manager or a team member must have extraordinary relational abilities since his/her activity involves sorting out his group to accomplish a target. It is central for him to have extraordinary relational abilities, most undertakings, for example, assignment of errands, conveying cutoff times, dynamic, and gatherings require for them to have great relational abilities.

2. Was Herb the right person to be assigned as the project manager?

Truly, Herb is the opportune individual to be appointed as the task director. As the task have two years of time in which first year is on R&D and the subsequent year is on assembling Herb have understanding on R&D and furthermore is a specialist in assembling and furthermore have PH.D. Be that as it may, the issue is he is week in correspondence. Venture administrator invests practically 90% of energy in correspondence and is answerable for attentiveness of the individuals obligations and jobs and furthermore is liable for the correspondence with the backers. In this way, Herb need to take a shot at his relational abilities and should attempt to comprehend the other message and ought to have the option to give clear requests with the goal that he can keep away from miscommunication.

3. There were communications issues with Alice, Bob, Betty, and Frank. For each communication issue, where was the breakdown in communications: encoding, decoding, feedback, and so on?

Communication issues include:

Herb and Alice – Herb failed to decode the discussion which he had held with Alice. The result of this is that Alice missed a possible promotion since Herb forgot to recommend her.

Herb and Bob – Herb neglected to include Bob when he was speaking with designing professionals. Designing experts wound up overlooking the new details offered orally to them by Herb.

Herb and Betty – Herb neglected to plainly encode his message to Betty which caused her to obtain development materials out of her own choice.

Herb and Frank – Herb neglected to include Frank in the acquirement conversation he had with Betty.

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