How your physician maintains the privacy of your health information?

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I submitted a thesis and outline as follows however, it can be altered. Basically, I am suppose to explore the ways that medical office keeps information confidential. The advantages and disadvantages of having HIPAA and other privacy laws enacted for privacy of patient information.

Julie Scott
Thesis and Outline


HIPPA legislation had a large impact on the way that confidentiality must be aIDressed in the Medical Practice?

I. Introduction
A. Have you ever wondered how your physician maintains the privacy of your health information?
B. In 1997 Congress passed the (HIPPA) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This law had a privacy provision that physicians needed to implement by April 14, 2003.
C. HIPPA privacy provisions had a great impact on how the medical practice maintains confidential protected health information.

II Body

A. Advantages of HIPPA legislation
a. steamlined information
b. minimum information exchange
c. patients have rights to knowledge about their record

B. Disadvantages of HIPPA legislation in the Physicians Office
a. costs
b. training of staff


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