HRM 4570 Industrial And Labor Relations

Write a 3 to 6-page double spaced case study of a recent strike (750 to 1500 words, not including the cover page and reference page) in APA format. • Minimum 3 pages. Maximum 6 pages. Double spaced. • Use Times New Roman 12-point font. • Use APA style for in-text citation and reference list. Follow the author-date method of in-text citation. • The strike should happen in the past five years. • Do NOT focus on a potential / possible strike (i.e., a strike that has not happened). • Cover page 1. Write your name, 2. your student number, and 3. your chosen strike For example: Maria Smith, 006666666, 2018 Marriott strike • Write “Content” as a header. ➢ Content is 12 marks out of 27 marks. 1 to 3 pages. ➢ Describe the strike (or the series of strikes). ➢ Who were involved? ➢ Why the strike(s) occurred? ➢ What happened before, during and after the strike? • Write “Critical Evaluation” as a header. ➢ What is the type(s) of the strike (e.g. economic strike, safety strike, wildcat strike, unfair labor strike, sympathy strike)? ➢ Critical evaluation is 15 marks out of 27 marks. 2 to 4 pages. ➢ Synthesize different positions / views / perspectives on the strike(s). ➢ Critically evaluate the different views. ➢ Do you think the strike improved the efficiency, equity and voice in labor relations? • You may choose to focus on any ONE of the following strikes: ▪ 2020 New Orleans sanitation strike ▪ 2020 Santa Cruz graduate students’ strike ▪ 2019 Chicago Public Schools Strike 2 ▪ 2019 General Motors strike ▪ 2019 Arizona teachers’ strike ▪ 2019 Harvard’s graduate students’ strike ▪ 2018 Marriott strike ▪ 2018 AT&T strike ▪ 2017 Charter Communications strike ▪ Any strike of the 2020 United States essential workers general strike. ▪ You may choose any recent strike on the list. The strike should occur in the past five years. • OR you may choose to cover a series of related strikes (or multiple strikes) such as the following: ▪ 2020 United States essential workers general strikes ▪ 2020 Strike for Black Lives ▪ 2018, 2019 North Carolina public school teachers’ strikes ▪ 2018, 2019 Kaiser Permanente strikes ▪ 2018, 2019 AT&T strikes • If you are not sure if your chosen strike eligible, please email me. • Interviews are optional. If you happen to know someone who went on a strike, you may interview the person. Indicate that you conducted an interview on the cover page. • Your last page should be a reference list. Use APA style. • You can search Google news for articles on your chosen strikes. • You can also use Google Scholar to find strike related studies first and then use the CSUSB library website to search and access the articles. • Name your paper “HRM 4570 Strike First name Last name” • Your essay will be graded based on the description of the strike (12% out of 27%) and your critical evaluation of the strike (15% out of 27%). • Due on BlackBoard on Nov. 25 by 11:59pm. Submit your paper on BlackBoard “Strike Case Study”. • Blackboard will automatically check for plagiarism. Plagiarism will result in a zero mark and a F in the course. You should not have too many direct quotes in a paper.


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