Human Physiology Unit 2 Exam

**In Unit 2 you will learn about the major control system of the body – the nervous system. You will learn about the particular cells of the system, the different branches of the system and how and when they work. You will also investigate different types of communication signals, electrical and chemical. Chemical signals will be addressed in Chapter 17 The Endocrine System.

Keep thinking on a cellular level..**

– Nervous System

– Somatic Nervous System

– Autonomic Nervous System

– Endocrine System

You will have 100 minutes to answer these 50 multiple choice questions. Many have more than one correct answer. You must choice the most correct answer. Once you open the exam you must finish it. If you go over the allotted time, the exam will close and your answers will be automatically submitted for grading. If you finish before time is up, remember to submit your exam.

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