I need assistance on an Intellectual Autobiography

I need assistance on an Intellectual Autobiography. (6-7 pages) Your narrative should depict continuity within discontinuity and demonstrate shifting or evolving identities. Your essay should reveal the development of your value system, convey an interdisciplinary blend of your concentration areas, and demonstrate how all the areas or disciplines you are studying fit into your life. K This essay should be metaphorical rather than geographical. Avoid the urge to narrate the geographical movements in your life (e.g., In Idaho…then moving to Arkansas…and upon coming to Arizona…). Instead, create your own metaphorical place. Then use metaphors to depict the significance of that place. For instance, someone with a musical background may say, “My life is an orchestra.” That person’s essay may show an orchestra pit, complete with different sections (brass, woodwind, percussion) to represent developments in her life.


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