I Need You To Find The Distance Between AB, BC, CD

I got the reading from the instrument

I need you to calculate that and find the distance from A to B, and the distance From B to C, and the Distance From C to D

point A

Horizontal: 353 degrees 12 minutes 46 second

vertical: 89 degrees 59 minutes 47 second

distance: 137.944

point B

Horizontal: 0 degrees 00 minutes 00 second

vertical: 90 degrees 00 minutes 00 second

distance: 103.666

point C

Horizontal: 27 degrees 01 minutes 16 second

vertical: 86 degrees 56 minutes 12 second

distance: 99.204

point D

Horizontal: 38 degrees 43 minutes 51 second

vertical: 85 degrees 46 minutes 53second

distance: 179.774


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