Implement the designed database using MS SQL

1. Implement the designed database using MS SQL. 1.1. Implement all tables 1.2. Save all SQL statements 1.3 Enter data to show your database is appropriately designed. You may enter the data directly into MS SQL. – At least five records in each table Transcribed Image Text: TakeltAll Inc is a wholesaler company that has just opened up for business. They sell all kinds
of technology devices at their store, ranging from graphics cards to fully kitted gaming
motherboards. To them develop the information system needed for their sales operations,
they have hired you to design their database.
They currently keep a wide variety of products at their warehouse. The usual information
stored for each product includes name, manufacturer, and price, etc…
Apart from keeping track of their products, they would like you also to keep track of the
purchases made by their clients. Purchases made by clients are shown in invoices that list all
the client’s products and the quantities of each product. The price at which a product was
bought should also be recorded at the purchase of the products.
TakeltAll has two types of employees they would like to keep track of in their new information
system. Namely sales agents and product managers. Each employee can either be a sales
agent or product manager and not both. All of TakeltAll’s sales agents are evaluated by the
number of invoices they process per month. Therefore, for all invoices made for clients, they
have asked you to have a way to keep track of which sales agent assisted the client.
Each product manager is in charge of a single category of technology products offered by
TakeltAll (such as Cameras, Kitchen Appliances, Toys, etc.). Therefore, they have asked you
to keep track of the product category that each product manager manages.
As this information system is new, TakeltAll would like you to suggest attributes for each of the
tables you create in line with the discussion above.
1. Illustrate a conceptual design of the database by means of an Extended Entity
Relationship Diagram (EER).
1.1. You may use any tool to draw the ER diagram.


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