In Lesson 1, we discussed audience awareness

In Lesson 1, we discussed audience awareness. As you move forward in our course, think about audience. Think about audience in all things that you do. If your coffee is not right at Starbucks, then think about the barista as your audience before you air your grievances. If you need to bring something up to your superior, consider how you are automatically aware of audience as you plan your strategy. For this discussion board, consider all of the different audiences you encounter throughout the day on a weekly basis. Who do you talk to and encounter? How do you change your approach with each audience? Do you speak differently to friends than you do to your children? If you have to call an insurance company, do you speak differently to the agent on the phone than to your grandmother? Describe at least two interactions and how they are different from one another. You might want to include two interactions that describe your life situation, like where you work (railroad) or live(New Orlean, Louisiana) ALSO PLEAS REPLY TO ANOTHER STUDENTS COMMENT BELOW Brooke: Due to working at United Airlines I have to be very professional in the way I talk to the passengers and employees. When working at United Airlines you have to make sure you very understanding and have to know how to communicate with the passengers at all times. If your not professional with the passengers they will give you a bad review and won’t fly anymore. When speaking to my son, I speak differently than I would to customers especially when i have to discipline him.


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