In this term paper you should demonstrate your knowledge on each topic

In this term paper you should demonstrate your knowledge on each topic.  Use notes from lecture, the text or any reliable source of information to answer each section of the prompt.  Your term paper should be a minimum of 10 pages double-spaced.  All term papers must be in Times New Roman/Size 12 Font with 1-Inch Margins.  Provide a minimum of 10 sources and a bibliography. All Papers are due on October 14, 2015, submitted to Blackboard no later than 11:59PM.  LATE PAPERS LOSE 10 POINTS EVERY DAY THEY ARE LATE!!! If you have questions about submitting to Blackboard go to the Tutoring Center or ask a friend.  You will be given 10 bonus points if you submit the paper to blackboard by the deadline.  contact me if you have any questions ( @ .com). Discuss the concept of Checks & Balances and explain how it makes government more democratic. Provide a description of each branch that includes its duties and how it checks the power of other branches.   Describe the impact of the media on the political process focusing on its role as a check on power. Explain the concept of Federalism.  Describe the roles of federal, state, and local government.  Compare and Contrast Dual Federalism, Cooperative Federalism, and New Federalism including a description of the leaders and movements associated with these concepts. Discuss two civil rights found in the Bill of Rights explaining how they have changed over time through court or public interpretation.  Explain the Process of Incorporation and the significance of the 14 Amendment to this concept. Provide an example of the Process of Incorporation. Provide an example in the news (from the last year) that is relevant to a concept discussed in this paper.  Give an explanation of why it relates to the concept.  Analyze the source of the news story; focusing on its credibility.  Include your own thoughts and opinions on the Current Event.


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