Include screenshots of your code in python so I can better understand

me answer parts d,e, f and g. Include screenshots of your code in python so I can better understand. you ūüôā Transcribed Image Text: Program 1 Requirements:
This program should produce several lines of output as described in parts a) through g) below.
use variables and assignment statements to add functionality to
the code. For each of the equations in parts c) through g), provide comments in the code to document
the name of the equation and the name of input variables and the corresponding units. Also, print the
results to the screen formatted similarly to the example above including numerical results, units, and
Your name, · anectionamberoF
bA sentence giving some interesting fact about youf
you ar
A Use Ohmstawte calcutate the voltage acrossa conductor with resistaree 20 ohasenda
GUrrent of 5A where A resents amperes.
d) The Kinetic Energy in joules (J) of an object with mass 100 kg and velocity 21 m/s
e) The Reynolds Number (Re) for a fluid with velocity 100 m/s and kinematic viscosity 1.2 (m^2)/s,
with characteristic linear dimension 2.5 m.
f) Use Arps Equation to calculate the production of a well after 20 days, if it had an initial
100 barrels/day, an initial decline rate of 2 barrels/day, and a hyperbolic
production rate
constant of 0.8.
g) Use the Mohr-Coulomb Failure Criterion to calculate the shear stress when a normal stress of
20 Ibf/in^2 is applied to a material with cohesion 2 Ibf/in^2 and angle of internal friction 35


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