Included In The Article On Pages 96-98 Is A Questionnaire With Items Marked A-R. The Questionnaire Asks You To Look At An Item Mark Which Of The Following Numbers Apply To It :

Included in the article on pages 96-98 is a questionnaire with items marked A-R. The questionnaire asks you to look at an item mark which of the following numbers apply to it :

(1) Incorrect use of the English language. (2) Mathematically incorrect. (3) Very clear explanation.

(4) Nice graphical or pictorial display. (5) Well posed problem. (6) Confusing graphical or pictorial display

Please read the article and consider whether or not these 6 properties apply to the item, write down the answer specifically with the reason. write up an explanation for why you think that for each point.

My item is item E below in the picture, and I will also post an example.


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