international trade

The concepts in this chapter can be used to argue for or against international trade. Research either side of that debate and post your findings in the discussion post.

Part I: Chapters 20 & 21 contain various concepts about international trade. There are arguments that are pro- and anti- trade. What are your thoughts? Please include references in the book and outside sources (ensure to include APA documentation and a link to the on-line source that you used). This must be a minimum of 10 sentences long.

Part II: What was your favorite topic that we covered in the class this semester? Why? This must be a minimum of 5 sentences long.

Part III: Respond to Part I of one of your classmate’s post. Please ensure to discuss within your post why you agree or disagree with their standpoint. To strengthen your argument, use the terms in the book as well as relevant article references. This must be a minimum of 5 sentences and it must contain proper APA citations.

*Note: Only your first submission will be graded. Submissions must include proper APA citations. Plagiarism is prohibited. Post your responses on the Week 14 Discussion.

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