Investment Project

Macroeconomics – Investment Project:

Each student is allocated between $100,000 and $125,000 to hypothetically purchase and sell five different stocks. The stocks must be purchased at the price at close of business on Wednesday, September 9. The sale of the stock must be at the price at close of business on Wednesday, October 7. The due date of the paper is October 14. Most of the paper can be written before October 7, the stock sell date.
Your portfolio should be diversified and include at least 5 different stocks.
You should also identify any events that may have influenced the price of your stocks. You should include information in your report; such as, the reason for selecting your stocks, description of companies (do not cut and paste from company web site), Price/Earnings Ratio and Earnings/Share must be included in paper. Each student is required to submit a 12-14-page report detailing why you believe your stock prices increased or decreased. Much of the information in the paper can be collected and sections written before the date for the sale of the stock. The due date for the paper is October 14.


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