ITECH3108 Dynamic Web Programming

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ITECH3108 Dynamic Web Programming
Assignment 1 – Sneaker Revival
This is an individual assignment in which you are required to develop a dynamic web application as
described below.
Important: This assignment specification is generated just for student id 30362011. Do not distribute this
Timelines and Expectations
Percentage value of task: 20%
Due: Refer to Course Description
Learning Outcomes Assessed
The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:
K3. Detect opportunities for increasing security and privacy of web applications
S1. Develop client/server web applications using client-side and server-side code
S2. Connect to and manipulate a database management system programmatically using server-side
A1. Design, develop, test, and debug client/server web applications to provided specifications
Assessment Details
For this assignment, you will create an online marketplace – a bit like Facebook Marketplace or eBay.
Your marketplace, Sneaker Revival is dedicated to community members selling or exchanging sneakers
with other local members.
Users can create accounts, browser sneakers that are up for sale or exchange, make an offer, and message
the winner to arrange the exchange.
You must implement this platform using PHP and MySQL or MariaDB, with some JavaScript for validation.
Database Structure
The web application uses a relational database. The database has the following structure:
User ( id, name, email, password, location )
Sneaker ( id, user_id, title, description, seeking, submitted )
Offer (id, user_id, sneaker_id, offer, accepted, submitted)
Message (id, from_user_id, to_user_id, offer_id, sent, text)
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PK id
PK id
FK user_id
FK sneaker_id
PK id
FK user_id
PK id
FK from_user_id
FK to_user_id
FK offer_id
Primary keys are indicated with underlines or bold formatting, and foreign keys are italicized.
Each record in the User table represents a member of the site. Members can add sneakers to the site, and
review and make offers on the sneakers added by others.
Each record in the Sneaker table represents a sneaker that a user has put up for sale or exchange. The
seeking field is free text and indicates what the user is willing to accept in exchange for the item.
The Offer table stores offers made by other users for a particular sneaker. Users may make multiple offers
for a single item.
Finally, Sneaker Revival should allow members to send messages to each other to arrange the exchange.
The Message table tracks messages sent between members about a particular offer, along with the date
and time that the message was sent.
The following constraints should be applied when implementing the application:
The User password field should be a VARCHAR of 255 characters. The name, email, and location
fields should be VARCHAR of a length that you determine to be reasonable and sufficient;
The Message.text and Offer.offer fields may be either VARCHAR or TEXT.
The Sneaker.submitted, Offer.submitted, and Message.sent fields should all be be MySQL
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The Sneaker.accepted field can be either a Boolean indicating whether this offer was successful, or a
nullable TIMESTAMP indicating when the offer was accepted.
Only one offer may be accepted per sneaker – this is not enforced by the database design but must be
enforced by the application. You may change the schema to make it enforced by the database if you
Please note that you are free to extend this database schema if required.
Initial Data
When the database is created, it should be populated with data of your own invention, appropriate to the
theme (keep it clean).
You should have at least:
5 users;
3 sneakers;
5 offers, at least one of which is submitted by the tutor user, and accepted by the seller; and
3 messages about a single accepted offer
One of the users must be you (even if you are not interested in sneakers). Use your student id – 30362011 –
for the username, and your real name and email address.
One of your users must have the username tutor and the password guest.
Invent other users as necessary – perhaps use characters from your favourite movie or band.
Include this data as part of your written report.
Database creation DDL
Create a single SQL file that creates the MySQL database, creates the four tables above, and populates
them with your initial data.
Use your student id and course code as the database name as follows:
Passwords should be hashed using, at minimum, the crypt() PHP function. Prefer to use the PHP
password_hash() function to generate password hashes.
For the password ‘guest’, the following hash may be used in your database:
Deprecated: password_hash(): Use of the ‘salt’ option to password_hash is deprecated in
/var/www/html/assign_gen/index.php(188) : eval()’d code on line 107
It is acceptable for all initial users to share the same password for testing.
Use of MD5 or SHA1/2 for password hashes is not acceptable.
Write SQL queries that display all of the initial data using SELECT statements, and list these queries in
your report.
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User accounts
Write PHP and HTML to allow new users to sign up. The form should request a username, email address
and password. The password must be hashed before storing it in the database.
Using PHP, validate that the username is unique, and the password is at least 5 characters (before
Write PHP code to allow users to log in and log out. This will require the use of sessions and/or cookies.
Viewing items
Write PHP and HTML to allow users to view a list of all items currently offered, including any offers made for
each. The list should be sorted so the most recent items are listed first.
Sneakers with accepted offers should still be displayed, but highlighted in some way, including highlighting
the successful offer.
You may implement this using whatever User Interface approach makes sense to you.
Making and Accepting Offers
Write PHP and HTML that allows users to make an offer on a particular sneaker.
This should only work on items that don’t have accepted offers.
Users should be able to review offers made on their sneakers, and accept one.
Write PHP and HTML to allow the users in an accepted exchange to message each other.
Create a messages page that displays the messages sent and received by the logged-in user, including
the date and time for each message.
Aggregate data
Create a page that displays the following information, using SQL aggregation such as COUNT and SUM,
subqueries or nested SELECT statements, inner joins and (left or right) outer joins.
The total number of sneakers on the site;
The top 3 most-wanted sneakers, ordered in descending order by number of offers made;
Bonus challenge task (optional!) – Moderation
Extend the data model and write code to implement moderation features:
Users can report users for violating site rules (for example, by posting inappropriate offers);
A moderator can review reported users, sorted by number of reports, weighted by the reporting user’s
reputation (descending order)
Users found to be in violation of site rules should have their accounts disabled, but should not be deleted
Users who incorrectly report users for being in violation when they are not should have reputation
reduced, so their reports are less important in future
Users who correctly report other users should have their reputation increased, so their reports are more
important in future
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There are no partial marks awarded for this bonus task – you must complete all features to attain the
bonus marks.
It is possible to attain full marks for this assignment without completing this challenge task.
Further details
Include a written report containing:
The SQL queries you used to test your database
A list of parts of the assignment you have completed or not completed.
Details of specific assistance you received from people other than your lecturer or tutor, and the names
of those assisting.
Anything interesting or cool you’d like to draw your marker’s attention to.
Assignment support
This assignment is supported by the first 5 lectures and the first 6 labs. Work on the assignment should be
spread over several weeks after the relevant lab has been mastered.
All files should be submitted to Moodle by the due date and time. Check with your tutor as to whether a
hard copy is required in addition to the electronic submission.
Marking Criteria/Rubric
Refer to the attached marking guide.
Feedback will be supplied through Moodle. Authoritative marks will be published through fdlMarks
Plagiarism is the presentation of the expressed thought or work of another person as though it is one’s own
without properly acknowledging that person. You must not allow other students to copy your work and must
take care to safeguard against this happening. More information about the plagiarism policy and procedure
for the university can be found at
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Marking Guide: Assignment 1
Feature Criteria Maximum Obtained
Initial data Requirements satisfied 1
Creating the database Table structure, data types, field lengths, initial
data entry 1
User accounts
Account sign-up 1
Validation that password meets complexity
requirements (at least 5 characters) 1
Log in and Log out 1
Inappropriate password hashing (MD5, SHA1 or
plain-text passwords) (-2)
Viewing items
List of all items 2
Unavailable and accepted offers indicated 1
Making offers
Users can make an offer on an item 2
Offers only on available items 1
Users can review offers made on their items 2
Send a message to a user 2
List messages from other users 2
Aggregate data
Total items on the site 1
Top three most-wanted items 1
Bonus optional task –
Meets specification (user report, moderator list,
reputation system) (no partial marks) (+3)
Initial data and test queries 1
Completion of tasks, Assistance statement (lose
1 mark each if not included) (-2)
Quality of code
Layout, structure, indentation (-1)
Appropriate and consistent naming scheme (-1)
Valid HTML5 (-1)
Total: 20

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