ITSA1001 Server Administration Fundamentals

ITSA1001 Server Administration Fundamentals
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Server Administration Fundamentals
ITSA1001 Server Administration Fundamentals
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This assessment relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptor. This assessment is designed to evaluate student’s ability on administrating servers with emphasis on key principles related to server hardware, software and storage, disaster recovery and trouble shooting.
The following LOs are assessed in this assent assessment.
LO1 : Explain the key roles and functions of servers
LO2 : Demonstrate the installation of server applications and active directory
LO3 : Demonstrate the installation and configuration of Server 2008
LO4 : Identify and apply key principles of server storage management
LO5 : Perform basic server maintenance and troubleshooting
LO6 : Perform basic server performance management
These instructions apply to Assignment
Assignment (Weightage 20%) – The assignment is due in Session 12
This Assignment will focus on student’s ability to
Implement a client/server environment where the server runs Windows Server Operating System with Active Directory. Upon the implementation of the network, student should produce a comprehensive report, which includes screenshots of configuration of server and client, and brief explanation of the screenshots. Students should implement the client/server environment based on the given scenario and guidelines in a virtual environment using Oracle VM VirtualBox. Please make sure to name the devices with the respective student ID.
If any third-party content is used. The citation of sources is mandatory and should follow IEEE style.
During Lesson 12, students should demonstrate the network on Oracle VM VirtualBox environment.
ABC Pty Ltd is a start-up company in Data Science. Since they handle sensitive data sets, they are very concern about the provisioning access to their data sets. Furthermore, they intend to give restricted access to some users when they login into their computer network.
In order to achieve the above stated requirements, the company decided to deploy Windows Server 2012 in their network and configure the required settings.
Consider you are appointed as the consultant for implementing the following tasks for a Proof of Concept to the company.
ITSA1001 Server Administration Fundamentals
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Phase 1: Installing Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Client and assigning IP addresses
i. Install Windows Server 2012 R2
ii. Install Windows 7, Windows 10 or any of the Windows client Operating System
iii. Assign IP address and respectively to the Server and the client
Phase 2: Configuring Windows Server 2012 R2 as a Domain Controller
i. Install the DNS Server role in Windows Server 2012
ii. Install Active Directory in Windows Server 2012
iii. Promote the Windows Server 2012 R2 as the Domain Controller
iv. Add the client computer to the newly created domain
Phase 3: Create and manage storage pool and storage space:
i. Create a storage volume in Windows Server 2012 using 4 physical disks (one disk should be 5 GB)
ii. Enable Data Deduplication
iii. Create a folder named Bio Informatics in the newly created volume
Phase 4: Create and manage user permissions using Active Directory and NTFS permission
User Bob and Alice who are working in the Data Collection team should be able to access the shared folder Bio Informatics with read/write permission. Carlo who is working in the Analyst team should be able to access the same shared folder with read only permission.
i. Create user accounts Bob, Alice and Carlo in the Active Directory
ii. Create two groups namely “Data Collection” and “Analyst” and set “Global” as the scope and “Security” as the type and add users in their respective groups
iii. Create two groups namely “Bio Informatics Files ReadOnly” and “Bio Informatics Files ReadWrite” and set “Domain Local” as the scope and “Security” as the type
iv. Respectively add “Analyst” group as a member of “Bio Informatics Files ReadOnly” group and “Data Collection” Group as a member of “Bio Informatics Files ReadWrite” group
v. Add the “Bio Informatics Files ReadOnly” group to the share folder under the security settings and allow read access. Also add the “Bio Informatics Files ReadWrite” group to the shared folder under the security settings and allow read/write access. Make sure to provision necessary NTFS permission for respective user groups
Phase 5: Use Active Directory Group Policy Object to manage computer/user login profile. In particular, create a user password policy for a group of users
i. Create Data Collection_OU and move Bob and Alice into the newly created OU
ii. Edit the Data Collection_OU using Group Policy Management and set the minimum password length as 12 characters
Phase 6: Monitor Windows Server 2012 performance monitoring
i. Monitor the performance of processor of the server using Performance Monitor
ITSA1001 Server Administration Fundamentals
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Submission Guidelines
Submit your report to the Moodle drop-box for the Assignment. Note that incidents of plagiarism will be penalized.
Please Note: All work is due by the due date and time. Late submissions will be penalized at the rate of 10% per day including weekends.
Marking Guide: 100 Marks
Report Layout
The report style, language and structure should be appropriate. All screenshots and descriptions need to be compiled and in a single final report and any given suggestions need to be incorporated.
The report must contain
i. Cover page with Unit Code, Unit Name and Student ID
ii. Table of Contents
iii. Introduction
iv. Technical Discussion
v. Critical Analysis
vi. Conclusion
The student should include purpose of the report, sections covered which should convince the reader that the report is worth reading. Word count limit – 125 words
Technical Discussion
This section should include the following configurations in your virtualized Windows Server environment. You should break down this section into six phases and include at least 7 screen shots from each of these phases and a brief description
i. Successful configuration of Phase 1
ii. Successful configuration of Phase 2
iii. Successful configuration of Phase 3
iv. Successful configuration of Phase 4
v. Successful configuration of Phase 5
vi. Successful configuration of Phase 6
Critical Analysis
The students are required to provide a critical analysis of the deployed network considering:
i. Reasons behind enabling Deduplication
ii. Benefits of implementing storage pool and RAID in general
ITSA1001 Server Administration Fundamentals
Copyright © 2015-2018 VIT, All Rights Reserved. 5
iii. Benefits of implementing Active Directory to manage users and AGDLP as a best practice
iv. Possible Troubleshooting methods adapted in Windows server environment
Summarize your findings. Word count limit – 125 words
Should follow IEEE style
In class demonstration
You are required to demonstrate in class, during Lesson 12
i. Server Troubleshooting skills
ii. Server Monitoring skills

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