Justin has been supervising Brian for 3 months

Need it in within 24 hours. Justin has been supervising Brian for 3 months. He knows that if Brian does not succeed, the program director will not view him in a favorable light and Brian will be unlikely to progress in his career. Justin has not been a clinical supervisor for very long but he believes Brian has not done a good job. Justin feels that Brian has boundary issues, he tries to “save” clients and solve their problems immediately, and he hasn’t taken feedback willingly. There is no clear criteria for whether or not Brian “passes” clinical supervision and Justin does not want to hurt his feelings so he tells his program director that Brian did well and is ready to work with clients. Using the ,  the element are as follows : (“Evaluation Contract” ” 1. explain what supervisors have to do and in what order to evaluate their mentees. 2. Additionally, write Brian’s evaluation from Justin’s perspective (refer to above case study and use Brian and Justin as the premise for this assignment). 3. Describe how Brian is doing in the following areas: readiness for practicum, readiness for internship and readiness for entry to practice, based on study on competency benchmarks. 4. Brian has been completing at work and summarize his progress.


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