Kama Limited operates a processing costing system

Kindly answer Transcribed Image Text: B. Kama Limited operates a processing costing system. All direct materials are added at the
beginning of the process and conversion costs are added evenly during the process. The
Management Accountant of Kama Ltd, has provided you with the following summary data
for December.
• Material added were 10 000 units costing K1 360 000
• Labour cost as K1 284 000
• Overheads was K1 172 000
• 9 000 units were completed during thee month
• It is company policy to allow 8% loss on inputs
Scrap value of the normal loss is K55 per unit
• There is no opening or closing inventory of work-in-progress recorded.
(a) Prepare for he month of December
i. Process account
ii. Normal loss (scrap) account
iii. Abnormal loss/Abnormal gain account


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