Keep this in mind when reading the two primary sources

Keep this in mind when reading the two primary sources. The letters were addressed between the Ottoman and Safavid Empires in the early 16th century which were gauging for war with one another. The escalation in tension would eventually lead to the official declaration of war between both of these states culminating in the decisive (and arguably one the most important battles of modern Middle Eastern history) the Battle of Chaldiran. The battle was won because of the Ottoman Empire’s ability to utilize gunpowder weaponry en-masse resulting in a decisive victory. Due to the severe defeat on the side of the Safavids, they would soon adopt gunpowder as their main source of warfare, becoming the second of the three Gunpowder Empires (the third being the Mughal Empire in the Indian Subcontinent.) Based on the Secondary Source and two Primary sources, address these questions:


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