Create a Khanacademy account in a role of a teacher. The tutorial of Khanacademy is at You need to create at least one class, add at least five students (create fake names for your students) to each class, you need to pick at least two tests for yourself to take, relating to your teaching content area so that you can show students how to take test in Khanacademy in your future class. After that, you need to view the Praxis Core in Khanacademy by typing Praxis Core in Khanacademy search engine, or, in Khanacademy, you can click on Courses, then click on Praxis Core to view it. You can take several sample tests to practice on your Praxis skills in Math, Reading, and Writing. Praxis practice is useful for you to know about how to prepare for Praxis Cores. It’s free to practice within Khanacademy.

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