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Kiersey Temperament Sorter

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Take the Kiersey Temperament Sorter (similar to Myers-Briggs test and will give you your “Myers-Briggs type”. Research your results.

Step 1:

Take the Kiersey Temperament Sorter. It is one of several personality tests – similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which is a very popular personality test. See link to the assessment.

Step 2:

Refer to the MBTI Resource List – use it to investigate your “type”. Choose any of these (or other ones you can find online – but cite those used).

Step 3:

Respond to the following questions (submit in assignment box):

  • What was your type? (Submit your 4 letter code.) Give a summary (several paragraphs from your research) of your type. Cite the sources used.
  • Do you think it is an accurate description of your personality? Why or why not? (Be specific)
  • What did you learn from researching the links? (Be specific)

(This should be a minimum of 2 pages and reflect what your 4 letter code type is as a personality style. It should demonstrate that you have researched your type and evaluated it. It should include a critical analysis of how this does or doesn’t fit you.)


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