Lab Assessment 3 – Practical Assessment Due date: Refer to Assignment Submission

Lab Assessment 3 – Practical Assessment

Due date: Refer to Assignment Submission Box on VU Collaborate

Weighting: 15% of total assessment

Coverage: This assessment item is based on course content in Session 6- 8


Asia Pacific Tourism Association– APTA ( like organize a series of conferences focusing on research topics in the area of travel and tourism. As a part of their operation, they need to organize annual conferences for researchers and industry practitioners to meet and present their work in 2018. You are appointed as an analyst programmer to develop a system to support the conference organization of APTA.

Your task is to investigate the operation of APTA and identify potential events or conferences through the provided link or any other resources available online. You will design and develop a conference management system for APTA that allows conference organizers to manage the events and registrations. The system should store conference/event details, organizers details for each conference, attendee details and their event registration.

Model Design Requirements

You are going to design a model to store data for your application with the following specification:

· You have freedom to design your own data architecture and properties for theclasses, however it should reflect your understanding about complex entity relationships, including one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, andinheritance.

· The application should store information for every class and relationship. Inheritance should be used to model classes with similar properties. For example, human beingclass may have common properties such as ID, Name, Contact details (email, phone, address, etc…). Besides, each unique class should also have its own properties. You should provide justificationin your report, on the proposed classes, properties and their relationships stating why they arenecessary.

· Appropriate data annotationsand input validationsshould be provided in all model classes. You should customize your own error messages and NOT use the default error messages provided by thetemplate.

An example model is provided in SampleDocument.pdf file (VU collaborate), to help you better understand how the application should be implemented. However, you must NOT use the provided model, as it is not suitable specifically for the case in this assignment.

In this Assessment, you need to continue your work done in lab assessment 2, and complete the entire project.

To fulfill the requirements for assessment 3, you need to submit a report including the following contents:

1. A user manual including screenshots and description about how user can navigate through your application, view records as well as performing admin functionality.

2. Diagram of the architecture of the project, including the project structure and the model architecture. Please noted that justification must be provided to explain why or how the architecture is suitable for the case study.

3. Test cases and results

And you are also required to submit a zipped file with all source code you have done. Further requirements for the project including:

· Home page shows assignment name, student full name student id and location (campus).Displaythelogooftheorganization,oneverypageandlinkittoAPTA website.

· Develop the Model Architecture appropriately to reflect your understanding of complex entityrelationships.

· The database should be seededwith at least M records for each class using database initializer. So, when the application is deployed, there will always be M records shownfor everyclass. (M is the largest digit in your student ID, or 4 if the largest digit in your student ID is less than 4. For example if your students ID is S123454321, than M=5, and if your student ID is S12312312, than M=4)

· All pages should have the logoand navigation menu. If user clicks on the logo, they will be directed to APTAwebsite.

· Youshouldpresentyourwebpageprofessionallyusingyourowndesign,NOTthesame as in the samplewebsite.

· Appropriate user interaction and navigation should be considered for yourapplication.

· You application should be ready to run without any furtherconfiguration.


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