Lab Report

Assistance needed writing lab report. Must follow rubric and template. All data/reports and examples are attached. Please read carefully

Use this Class DataPreview the document in your written lab report. You will use the class data to determine if the hypothesis that you came up with is accepted or rejected. Looking at the data you will notice that some of it is incomplete or calculations have been done incorrectly by some of the participants. This is what happens to scientists in real life when they are working with self-reported data from participants. You can correct errors in calculations. Other data points may be so faulty that you have to throw them out. If you do so, you should include a statement in your report about why any particular data was not used. It is not appropriate for a scientist to throw out data just because the data does not fit the hypothesis. Any discrepancies should be reported and discussed in the lab report.

A lab report has 5 parts: Title, Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results and Conclusions. Here is a summary of what each part should include: Lab Report Template


Be sure to include all required elements for the best possible report, and grade! Here is a list of requirements: Lab Report Grading RubricPreview the document

Please be aware that all references you use must be paraphrased and cited in your lab report.


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