Leadership Week 6

Even after important of Supreme Court decisions, we still have Institutional racism.
Question 1 options:



Because opportunities were denied to racial minorities for decades, even when jobs and opportunities were finally opened in the mid-1960’s, racial minorities were still _____________ to and continue to have difficult path to ____________________.

The invisible hand refers to a _________________, where who you know shapes employment options.

Strangely, criticisms of the child welfare system are not placed among the burning social justice issues of our day.



Black children make up about _________________of the ___________care population, although they represented less than one-fifth of the nation’s children.

Sociologist have long observed that patterns of ____________, health, and mortality are primarily influenced by ____________ __________________base on social class, race, and gender.

..the number of prison inmates in the United States has increased by more than ____________% leaving it the country with the highest ______________rate in the world.

The ten ways to fight include:______________, _______________________, __________________, _____________, ________________, _______________, ______________, _________________, ______________, ________________.

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