Each student is required to submit a written assessment of your leisure journal entries, reflecting on your personal philosophy, comparison of your time allocations from the pie chart created at the start of the leisure diary against your actual behavior, and any observations. (NOTE: there is not a minimum or maximum page requirement)

Leisure Diary Summary Paper

Assignment Instructions

15 points

Assessment Written Report Requirements (3 points)

Follow MLA form and style.
MLA Formatting and Style Guide (Links to an external site.)
MLA Sample Paper
Points will be deducted for misspelled words, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure
Required Content and Point Values (12 points)

State your Personal Philosophy from your original paper original paper with specific details of personal philosophy including theory basis (3 points)
Provide a comparison of your anticipated time allocation (pie chart of time) against the reality of your time allocated based on your entries. (3 points)
Discuss how your behavior was or was not reflective of your original personal philosophy on recreation. (3 points)
Summarize your observations about your leisure choices, including any patterns observed, challenges encountered, results, e. new fitness level achieved from working out. (3 points)

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