List the different characteristics of computer

Transcribed Image Text: C. List the different characteristics of computer
1. Answer the following questions:
a Define a computer? What are the uses of
A What is PO Explain it with a diagram.
& Cartoen
C. What are GIGO and Bug?
e. Why is a computer called diligent machine
1Why is a computer called versatile machine
S Why do people use computers?
A. How is computer used in education sector?
L Why is computer used in medical sector?
1 What is the use of computer in financial secto
k How is computer used in offices?
4. F in th
D. Aco
b. Ase
2. Write the full forms of the following:
a. PO
f. ICU
b. CPU
S. Aatch
e. ATM
3. 3. State whether the following statements are true pr
a. A computer processes data and produces output a
b. A computer can be used to perform any task.
C. Mainframe computer is faster than sSuper computer.
d. Even you feed correct data and instructions sometimes
produces wrong information.
e. A computer loses its accuracy and speed when it has top
same calculation repeatedly.
fou can use a computer to prepare only spreadsheet, dc
and presentations.
g. The storage capacity of a storage device is measured in
h. Computer can be used to provide online services like b0
selling goods, booking tickets and rooms in hotels, et
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