earn about the separation of church and state and about French laws regarding Muslim dress, and write your thoughts about these topics.

A. Part A consists of four sections of a lecture, totaling about an hour, plus 40 minutes of writing = 1hr40minutes. 20 pts.

You will watch the recorded lecture (separated into several parts) on Church and State in France and the US, pausing at different points to write some short reflections. Including time to think, but for full credit I usually expect to see 1/2-1 hand-written page or typed equivalent for each question.

B. 1 hr 10 min, 10 pts

After watching the 4-part lecture above, watch the documentary “Young, Muslim, and French” that was filmed at the time the 2004 headscarf ban went into effect.

Here is a link to the documentary: . There is some commentary after the documentary, but you need to watch only the first 47 minutes if you are not interested in the commentary.

Choose at least three points in the documentary you find interesting. Take about 20 minutes to write down some thoughts.


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