Low Carbon Buildings Assignment – Retrofit House

Low Carbon Buildings Assignment –
Retrofit House
Written Assessment
Marking Criteria
March 2021
This assignment will focus on the development of a sustainable retrofit plan for a typical dwelling in Wales. There are three parts to the assignment.
Part 1 – Domestic retrofit operational carbon
This assignment will create a low carbon retrofit plan for a typical welsh house. The Welsh Government has accepted in principle the advice from the Independent review on decarbonising Welsh homes: report “Better Home, Better Wales Better World” that all social homes should achieve an Energy Performance Certificate rating of A (SAP rating of 92).
You will need to model the reduction in Carbon emissions using the SAP Excel Worksheet the target is to achieve a SAP rating of 92. This target will achieve the carbon reductions and ensure that the house is affordable to heat. The house has recently had an Air Source Heat Pump installed so this should not be changed
To achieve your goal, you can alter the;
• fabric,
• ventilation,
• renewable systems.
You will need to discuss the feasibility of the installation, cost of installation and whether the alterations must be fitted simultaneously or can be fitted in a step by step manner.
Part 2 – Carbon footprint of a building element
The assignment will require each student to research and critically evaluate the cradle to grave carbon footprint of a building element (from here on referred to as “element”) which you have altered in Part 1 Domestic retrofit operational carbon.
The work will be assessed for demonstrated understanding of the factors and methods that must be considered when calculating a carbon footprint. For the selected element, at least two different materials or construction methods should be considered. A conclusion should be made as to which would be preferred in terms of carbon footprint and why. The selection of the element material should include an assessment of the element’s function and the material’s fitness for purpose. Examples of elements for study:

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